At a very young age, Imee has cultivated a love for travel, music, and holistic living. Her passion and search for a happy, satisfying life has led her closer to meditation, yoga, ,  natural health, and eco-living.

- Vishwas Mandlik
- Gandhar Mandlik
- Kate Mandlik
- Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar
- Sharath Rangswamy
- Rina Ortiz
- Yogananth Andiappan
- Clayton Horton
- Andy Hayward
- Peter Scott
- Marla Apt
- Paul Dallaghan
- Sharon Gannon & David Life
- Carlos Pomeda
- Sinhee McCabe
- Andrey Lappa
- Kevin James
- Victor Chng
- Chai Misa


​Main Teachers:

- Carol Cano
- Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Ajaan Geoff DeGraff)
- Tara Brach

Course & Retreat Teachers:

- Jack Kornfield
- Sharon Salzberg
- Larry Yang
- Eugene Cash
- Thanissara
- Kitisaro
- Ruth King
- DaRa Williams
- Pamela Weiss
- Erin Treat
- Gina Sharpe
- Sebene Sellasie
- Johanna Macy
- Rakkhita Samanera
- Bhikkhu Bodhi
- Mushim Ikeda
- Andrea Fella
- Greg Scharf
- Anushka Fernandopulle
- Phillip Moffit

- Will Kabat-Zinn

- Joanna Harper

- Gil Fronsdal

- Diana Winston

- Mitra Manesh
- Goenka Vipassana Dhamma Phala
- Suan Mokkh International Hermitage
- Chom Tong International Dhamma Center

​​​​​​Imee believes that true success is a balancing act between family, work, community service, and leisure.  Remaining balanced is a matter of maintaining mindfulness throughout our day; letting go of expectations and being present moment to moment.  Having a regular yoga and meditation practice helps to bring us focus, gives us a better perspective with regards to priorities, and paves the way to healthier life choices.

​​​​Imee is a doting mother to two young, energetic boys. She is very engaged in her kids' lives and keeps herself busy as a Waldorf mom.

She currently serves as the first presiding Community Wellness Committee Head at Acacia Waldorf School, where she is cultivating an interest in Steiner Education and Philosophies, and sharing the benefits of breath mindfulness, yoga practice, and nutritious meals to the students and parents of this thriving community.

When at home she can be found tending to her organic garden, which has been a major source of her life and work inspirations.  She concocts her green smoothies with the freshly harvested greens from the garden.  She loves to cook simple yet delectable dishes, that are nutritious and nourish the body yet flavourful enough to satisfy the soul.​  Through her passion for sharing healthy nourishment, 

SunDream came to fruition.

In addition to her teaching programs in her locality in Laguna, Imee has taught yoga at YogaLove in Oakland, California.  She has also taught yoga, while on retreat, at  Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Joshua Tree, and Garrison Institute.  Imee taught yoga and meditation at The Farm at San Benito, the most awarded health & wellness spa in the Philippines.  She has an open invitation to return as a yoga teacher during the ten-day meditation retreats at Wat Suan Mokkh in Thailand, where her teaching technique with breath mindfulness is greatly appreciated.  Imee has taught Dharma and led meditation at Against The Stream in San Francisco and at East Bay Meditation Center in Oakland, California.

Imee believes that a happy, fulfilling life can be achieved by being connected to our inner being.  Finding the stillness within can give us much insight to our life purpose.  Imee is currently mentoring and is eager to share the insight she's gathered from her own experiences as well as the teachings of her beloved teachers.

Imee has personally trained and learned from the following well-renowned teachers through participating in classes, workshops, lectures, and courses.