Imee is a health food advocate and feels that the middle way is the best approach to healthy eating.  She believes it's perfectly fine to enjoy your occasional comfort foods as long as you generously add raw, fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.  Imee established her green smoothie and live foods business, SunDream, which came to be when her backyard organic garden bloomed into a riotous abundance.

Imee delivers her green smoothies to schools and sells from her home shala, Dharma Nilaya's, juice bar.  The dehydrated raw snacks that we lovingly call Happy Trails, are available through Holy Carabao, Down to Earth, and selected yoga studios throughout the Metro Manila and South of Manila.  Our probiotic shots made with water kefir can also be found in Dharma Nilaya's juice bar as well as selected shops in Metro Manila.  SunDream is also very keen to prepare dishes for your parties and events.  Please email for inquiries.