Imee discovered yoga at Berkeley, California in 1995, which shifted her awareness into health & wellness. She volunteered at Aurora Wellness Center in Amsterdam during her three month visit in 2001 that further enhanced her calling for wholistic healing. After moving to Laguna (Philippines), it became clear that finding an affordable and conveniently located yoga class in the area was going to be a challenge. So Imee ventured off to India in 2009 to become immersed in the yogic lifestyle she is so passionate about. She spent a month in Yoga Vidya Gurukul where she learned about the different types of yoga, chanted mantras, practiced asana four hours a day, and enjoyed yogic vegetarian meals. Her time in India established the discipline she needed to continue her self-practice at home.

Consequently, she returned to the Philippines with a teaching certificate that gave her the confidence to open up a small yoga shala, Shakti Yoga & Wellness Center, where she can share the wonderful wealth of knowledge she was blessed with. In early 2013, Imee returned to India for her Advance Yogic Studies and Yoga Therapy courses. She also volunteered in the ashram and has gained her the qualification to conduct Yoga Teacher Trainings, recognized by Yoga Vidya Gurukul, in traditional Hatha Yoga as taught by Sage Patanjali and Swami Swatmarama. (Yoga Vidya Gurukul follows the lineage of Swami Sivananda through the Bihar School of Yoga.)

Always with a beginner’s mind, Imee is aware that the yogic path is a lifetime journey and continuous learning process. Her mission is to spread Traditional Yoga in the Philippines, keeping it within it’s essence of mind-body purification and leading us away from the materialistic viewpoint of the world. She is very eager to embody and impart the valuable, life changing lessons she learned from her incredible experiences.

Imee teaches in her home shala, Dharma Nilaya, in Mayapa, Calamba.  (Please check the calendar for more details.)  She is also available for private classes for individuals, groups, and corporate events.

For short instructional videos on Yoga practice, please visit Imee's YouTube channel.