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  Would you like to be more present?

As it turns out, what makes people happy has far less to do with what they are doing and significantly more to do with whether their attention is fully present in the moment.  People who focus on their present moment experience (in other words, people who are being ‘mindful’) are significantly happier than people whose minds wander away from the moment.

  Do you want to manage stress better? 

Stress, anxiety, and fear can get in the way of our wellbeing, and prevent us from achieving the work goals and quality of life that we would like. When we are mindful, we are more aware of our thoughts and we are able to pause and choose a better way to respond to stress triggers.

  These are some of the areas where Mindfulness practice can prove useful.

Paying attention to present-moment experience with open curiosity and the willingness to be with what is.
-Diana Winston

I hardly worry.  I'm a much happier person too.

Even though I still feel challenged and experience stress at times, I now have the inner resources to draw upon when difficulties arise. Being mindful doesn't mean that life will become perfect. In fact, I let go of this enigmatic notion and stopped striving for perfection. Life is so much easier when I accept things are they are. I have the capacity to be with, repair, and improve any given situation.  Best of all, I am more compassionate and forgiving toward myself. I feel genuinely successful and empowered.

As a result of my being more loving and honest with myself, I am more patient, empathetic, focused, and engaged in my home, work, social life, and environment. My relationships continue to improve as well as my surroundings. Things are really aligning. 


Life is good.

Imee Contreras

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