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How to build a healthy relationship with money

Many of us have a money problem—not knowing how to use it responsibly, not having enough, being pushed around by it, and so on. Because money is such a big part of our lives, we need to have a mindful relationship with it so it can support us as we try to reach our life goals.

Some of our beliefs about money stem from experiences we had early in our lives. It would help if we could think back to a particular time when we were about 10 to 14 years old and see if there was an incident(s) that may have influenced the formation of our relationship with money.

Check if the past constantly shows up in our present lives. We could ask ourselves these questions: How does my past experience relate with my present beliefs and experiences about money? How does my body respond to my money situation, and what is it telling me? Finally, how did I address my past money challenges, and how am I behaving now?

To be able to nurture a mindful relationship with money, we need awareness: (1) awareness of our patterns of behavior; (2) awareness about the way we relate to money; (3) awareness of how money aligns with our goals and how it honors our values; and (4) the awareness that we are not being controlled by it.

Once we have become more aware, we can think of other ways to deal with our money issues, aside of course from our usual responses. Awareness or mindfulness is important when making transformative decisions because it’s best if decision-making will come from a relaxed state.

Awareness may not solve your money problems right away but it will allow you to see your decision-making patterns when it comes to money. Mindfulness will help you distinguish which beliefs and practices no longer work for you and empower you to decide how to get rid of them or replace them with new and positive beliefs.

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