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Mindfulness Creates Better Relationships

As we celebrate love during this beautiful love month, I would like to share something that can help all of us form healthy relationships. Cultivating mindful relationships with your partner, relatives, friends, and associates is an art that can be learned. But before going into the how, let us try to understand what a mindful relationship truly means.

To be mindful is to be aware, and if we are mindful in a relationship, it simply means that we are present and connected with the moment. So if we are having an argument with our partner, for instance, we are able to step back, observe, and accept whatever is happening. We can then choose to react in a compassionate manner rather than going by impulse and lashing out with hurtful words.

To be mindful is to be an active listener. It is always heartwarming to communicate with someone who is hundred percent attentive to our feelings and our needs. We feel loved and appreciated when we are seen and heard. In the same way, we must also offer this gift to others by showing up fully. This kind of connection and intimacy are important components of a stable and happy relationship.

A healthy relationship allows us to express our real self and to maintain our personal integrity. To be mindful in our relationships is to recognize our own needs and expectations so we can set healthy boundaries. When the needs of each party are met, it leads to a feeling of satisfaction or contentment and, of course, happiness.

There are certain mindfulness techniques and strategies that you can practice with your loved ones. It would help if you can be deliberate in incorporating these into your daily lives. For example, you can meditate together -- it will help you grow alongside each other and understand one another better. This is important because understanding leads to love.

Connect with me to learn more about mindfulness and how it can help you.

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