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I am really touched by the deep wounding of Imee's past, and the healing grace of the dharma. Even more, by the shining spirit within her that endured so much, and continues to become more radiant.  I trust that wherever she is, she will bring the light of dharma.

Thank you for the service you offer and all of the ways in which you will share what has moved and inspired you.  To imagine the expanding circles that will benefit is indeed a joy and occasion for celebration.

Imee is one manifestation of that breadth of the Dharma that we had hoped for. Deep gratitude for her offerings and service on this collective journey to greater freedom for us all.

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Psychologist, New York Times 

Best-Selling Author

Imee is truly a special person.  She is a deep practitioner with a deep practice.


She is a truly exceptional, wonderful, soulful, wise, conscious being.

Psychologist, Author, Meditation Teacher, 

co-founder of Insight Medication Washington D.C.

Meditation Teacher, co-founder of New York Insight Meditation Center

Psychologist, Author, Meditation Teacher, 

Author, Meditation Teacher, co-founder of East Bay Meditation Center

Meditation Teacher, co-founder of Philippine Insight Meditation Community

Imee teaches in a radical, creative, and playful way that connects straight to the heart and mind. 


She masterfully designs programs and curricula that are unique to each client's needs, and are unbound to a script, allowing everyone to flow and relate authentically with whatever arises in each moment.

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IMTA Certified Mindfuless Teacher Professional Level


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